Puppy Playtime – Is Biting Normal?

A bored puppy is a destructive puppy. Bored puppies chew toys, furniture, or shoes and shred pillows. Puppies are a bundle of energy and they need an appropriate outlet to relieve their energy. Playtime is an important part of a puppy’s daily routine as it provides this outlet.

Read on to learn about puppy biting from a boarding kennel in San Rafael.

All Puppies Bite

Puppies often engage in rough play with other dogs. They use their mouths and want to bite their playmates and people. Many dog owners get extremely concerned about puppy biting and wonder if their furry friend is becoming aggressive.

In most cases, puppy biting and mouthing are absolutely normal. Puppies use their mouths to explore the world. They often bite to initiate play and get attention during playtime. The teething process in puppies lasts for 2-3 months. Many breeds are predisposed to picking up and holding anything within their reach (including a person’s hand).

When Should you be Concerned About Puppy Biting?

You should be concerned about biting in your puppy if it

➢  Aggressively barks, growls, or nips at new people

➢  Growls, snaps, or tries to bite anyone who comes near their food or toys

➢  Stiffens and stares at a person before biting them

➢  Snaps or growls at kids

➢  Consistently bites and breaks the skin

What to do

➢  Keep your pup calm: If your puppy gets too excited while playing with other dogs, remove it from the situation. If it tries to bite you, calmly remove yourself from the interaction

➢  Teach your pup to be gentle: Teach your puppy to use its mouth gently on your skin (bite inhibition). This should be taught in stages. In the preliminary stages, the pup is taught to reduce its bite power and is eventually taught to not bite at all.

➢  Play safely: If your pup is 6-9 months old and gets boisterous or overexcited, it should not be allowed to play rough games with children. Its weight and size can be a problem if rough play is allowed. Your pup can play too rough with your kids and unintentionally hurt them

➢ Give your pooch attention: Praise your pup and give it attention when it behaves nicely. Be patient. Even when you do everything right, puppy biting can last for 5-6 months.

What not to do

➢  Do not punish your pup. Remember your pup is not trying to be dominant or aggressive. Physical punishment may invoke fear or develop other behavioral issues

➢  Do not reward your pup when it bites

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