Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Your furry friend hates being left alone at home when you leave. This can make them feel depressed, sad, or left out. Many dogs who are left alone frequently express their frustration through destructive behavior or even trying to run away, injuring themselves in the process.

Instead of leaving your dog at home when you head to work, consider dropping them off at a dog boarding kennel near you where they will be surrounded by dog lovers and other dogs. There are many benefits to doggy daycare, you can rest assured your pooch will get its daily dose of physical activity.

Before you leave your furry friend at a doggy daycare for the first time, follow these tips to prepare them for boarding.

Make Sure Your Furry Friend is Up-to-Date with Vaccinations

A dog with a viral or fungal infection can quickly pass the infection to other dogs, which is why dog boarding kennels only accept fully vaccinated dogs. Make sure your furry friend is up-to-date on its Bordetella, distemper, and rabies vaccines.

Many dog boarding facilities require their guests to be current on DAPP vaccine, leptospirosis vaccine, and canine influenza virus vaccines as well.

Do Not Disturb Their Normal Routine

If you change your dog’s routine or food prior to their visit to a dog boarding kennel, they can get upset. Take your dog out for walks and feed them at the same time every day or your pooch may get anxious during their stay.

Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Foods/Toys and Medicines

If your dog is on a special diet, inform the boarding facility well in advance. Some boarding facilities supply dog foods, while others require owners to bring special foods. Even if your dog isn’t on a special diet, it makes sense to bring the food that you feed them, as a diet change may upset their tummy.

Bring all of your dog’s medication. Provide instructions to the staff on how and when to give your furry friend their pills. Bring something familiar such as your dog’s favorite toy, blanket, t-shirt or any other item that smells like you.

Consider a Boarding Trial

If your dog has separation anxiety, gets anxious around new people, or new surroundings, it makes sense to plan a trial boarding stay. Notice how your dog reacts to the scents and smells of people and other animals around them. The trial stay will adjust your furry friend to the new environment.

Prepare Your Dog

Some dogs freak out in a kennel. To prepare your dog for a stay in a kennel, leave them for 15-minute intervals and slowly build this up to several hours so that they can become comfortable with not having you around all of the time.

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