What is the Right Age for a Puppy to Go to a Dog Daycare

Do you hate leaving your puppy alone at home when you go to work or out of town? If so, consider using a dog daycare in Marin County. Daycare facilities employ passionate pet lovers who go above and beyond to create a homely environment for their guests.

Benefits of Daycare Facilities

There are several advantages to daycare centers. A professional and well-managed dog daycare provides a safe and controlled environment for their guests. Many daycare facilities have acres of land where dogs can roam freely, explore their surroundings, and play.

Dogs that are left alone frequently get bored and can develop behavioral issues. Dog daycare centers provide both mental and physical stimulation to their guests. They provide them numerous opportunities to socialize. A well-socialized dog behaves appropriately in different environments and settings.

The Million Dollar Question: At What Age Can a Puppy Go to a Daycare?

One of the most common questions dog owners ask themselves is the right age to send their furry friend to a dog daycare. While there is no such thing as the right age to send a dog to a dog boarding, many pet owners wait until their dogs are four months old.

Before you start using a daycare facility, have your pup vaccinated. Call the center and ask what a typical day is like. If possible, visit the center. Notice how your furry friend reacts to the new sights and sounds and people around it. Last but not least, ask about safety certifications and what’s included.

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Its First Dog Boarding Experience

Introduce Your Dog to the Boarding Staff

A dog can get anxious and nervous around new people. To acclimatize your furry friend to the new environment, and ensure it doesn’t freak out when you drop it for boarding, visit the facility at least a day before drop-off. Let it explore the new smells and sounds, and interact with people.

Spend Extra Time Together

If you are going out of town and will be away from your pup for a long time, spend as much time with it as possible before leaving. Take it on walks, play fetch, or watch your favorite shows together.

Socialize More

Start taking your dog to a dog park twice a day at least two weeks before its first day at daycare. This will enable your dog to socialize and make friends easily. Socialized dogs get along with other dogs and enjoy their time at their daycare centers.

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