Why Send Your Puppy to Daycare?

Your dog loves you more than anything. They get sad and anxious when you leave them alone at home. To ensure your furry friend is loved and cared for when you are not around, consider dropping them off at a dog boarding in Marin on your way to work or before going out of town.

Dog boarding facilities employ passionate dog lovers who go out of their way to make dogs feel loved. Most dog boarding facilities include activities like play areas, dog grooming areas, and boarding kennels.

Here are some reasons why you must seriously consider using a dog daycare.

Exercise and Socialization

Every dog needs regular exercise. Exercise aids bowel function and increases flexibility, endurance, and strength around the joints.

Dog daycares usually have acres of land where their guests can play and roam freely.

While many daycares have a set playtime and playgroups, others provide dogs access to their play areas throughout the day.

Playtime is quality time for dogs. They learn to be tolerant of other dogs. Playing with other dogs will help your pooch learn both social and motor skills. Various studies have found that dog play is important for brain development.

Relieves Boredom and Helps With Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals. They need constant attention. If you leave your four-legged friend home alone frequently, they may develop behavioral issues such as excessive barking, chewing, and jumping.

A good daycare will offer healthy stimulation to your pup. Remember, a tired dog is a good dog. Dogs are a bundle of energy. They need an outlet to relieve their energy. A good balance of mental and physical stimulation provides this outlet.

Supervised Playtime

Dog daycares employ dog behavior specialists. They are trained to interpret dog body language. They know how to tell play from aggression.

These experts supervise dog play. If a dog gets aggressive or starts feeling uncomfortable around other dogs or people, the dog behavior expert supervising the play takes appropriate steps to calm it down.

Peace of Mind for Owners

Many dog owners worry about their furry friends being home alone all day. Those who allow their dogs to roam around their house are always concerned about their safety. If you leave your dog loose in the house, it can chew on electrical wires (or worse, toxic substances). Dogs who are kept in a crate may injure themselves while trying to escape.

At a daycare center, the staff closely monitors every dog. Employees keep a close eye on dogs and take various steps to ensure their safety.

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