Should You Board Your Pet During Summer Vacation?

A pet boarding center is the perfect solution to keep your pet happy whilst you are on vacation. There are several benefits of pet boarding, from providing your pet with lots of physical and mental stimulation, to feeling rest assured that your pet is in good care.

Here are some compelling reasons to board your pet during summer vacation.

It Can Get the Attention It Needs

Both dogs and cats crave attention. If you leave your pet home alone, it can get anxious. Anxiety can lead to behavioral issues down the line. Many anxious pets may even try to run away. When you board your pet, you can feel confident that the staff will pamper it with extra care and attention.

A Supervised and Safe Environment

Rough play between dogs or cats can lead to injuries. A reputable pet daycare center employs animal experts. They supervise group playtime to ensure the happiness of everyone there. If a dog or cat plays rough, they will immediately intervene to ensure no animal gets injured.

Pet boarding facilities take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of their guests. Many facilities have an in-house vet trained to respond to pet emergencies. They also let pet owners make video calls with their furry companions to check on them.

Socialization Opportunities

Dogs are social animals. Like other social animals, they love company. Dog daycare in Novato provides plenty of socialization opportunities for your pooch. In a doggy daycare facility, your four-legged friend interacts with other dogs and learns by observing their behavior. Socialization builds confidence and helps ensure that your pet can cope with new situations. It can help reduce the symptoms of existing behavioral problems and prevent new issues from developing.

Monitoring of Food and Medications

If your dog or cat has a restricted diet or if they are on medications, it is important to give adequate instructions to the facility staff. The team will follow your instructions when feeding your pet and administering drugs.

Like humans, cats and dogs can get dehydrated if they are not provided with enough water to maintain their daily water requirement. The facility caregivers will also ensure your four-legged friend has a permanent supply of fresh, clean water.

A Perfect Solution For the Busy Pet Owner

Pet boarding is the perfect solution for pet owners with a lot on their plate. Many pet boarding facilities have grooming stations where experienced pet groomers give the facility guests relaxing baths and pedicures.

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