The 4 Things You Must Do Before Leaving Your Pet at a Doggie Daycare

The concept of pet boarding is getting more popular day by day. It offers peace of mind to busy pet owners who don’t want to leave their pets alone at home when they are out for work or traveling out of the city or town for work or recreation.

If you, too, are planning to leave your darling dog at a doggie daycare in Marin County for the first time and have no idea what you are supposed to do, here are a few pet boarding tips you must follow. Let’s read on.

1.    Choose a Doggie Daycare That’s Best For Your Dog

The first and most important thing you need to do is look for a doggie daycare where your pet will feel at ease. Also, ensure the facility has the following qualities – friendly staff, a clean and safe environment, and an open space big enough for your pet to run and play.

Note: The best way to find the right doggie daycare is to seek recommendations from friends and family and to read online reviews before you choose one.

2.    Schedule a Tour Before Your Stay

Once you have picked a doggie daycare facility, make sure you visit it at least once or twice in advance to see the conditions for yourself. It will help you ensure your peace of mind as you can rest assured that the facility will take good care of your pet.

Also, it will allow you to meet the staff and ask any questions that are on your mind. We also recommend that you take your pet along, so they get acclimated to the new surroundings ahead of time.

3.    Let the Facility Know About Your Pet’s Needs and Preferences

Another important tip you must follow when leaving your pet at a doggie daycare is communicating your pet’s needs and preferences to the facility staff. We suggest that you take out some time and pen them down.

For instance, if your pet has any special dietary or medication needs, or is prone to anxiety, then you must note it all down. This will help you ensure that your pet is taken care of precisely as you do at home.

4.    Get Your Pet’s Favorite Items From Home

When pets are left in a new environment, they tend to get stressed. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they get accustomed to the new surroundings well in advance.

So, besides taking your pet to the doggie care to get them acclimated to the surroundings, you must bring your pet’s favorite items from home. For instance, you can get their toys or bedding that will give a familiar smell at home. This will also help your pet feel more comfortable at the pet boarding facility.

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