Why Should Your Dog Attend Daycare?

You might have a dog that stays alone at home once you go to work. And to keep them busy or occupied, you might give them toys or chews. However, you should know that they eventually get bored with the objects you give them to play with.

When this happens, it usually results in a heavy-lone feeling because dogs are highly extroverted animals; they want to play around all the time, and leaving them home alone can affect their mental well-being. Apart from that, there are multiple reasons your dog should attend daycare. Let’s discuss the most important ones in this article.

Physical activity

Most dogs are always high on energy, and you might need more time to play with your round-the-clock. Your dog might also consume a lot of your energy, making you feel tired by the end of the day. Whereas, if you send your dog to a good dog daycare in Novato, you can rest assured about your dog’s physical activity needs. There will be many other dogs it can play with and use its energy, leading to good, timely sleep and peace of mind.

No separation anxiety

If you have never left your dog away from you, they can become attached to you and your home. Now imagine, on one fine day, you must go on an extended work trip or a family vacation where you are not allowed to take dogs.

Eventually, you will need to leave your pet behind at a dog shelter or kennel, but the dog might not be ready and can become very anxious about separation. If you send your dog to daycare from time to time, they will begin to familiarize themselves with the situation, reducing separation anxiety.


As mentioned above, dogs are highly social animals; they also like humans and other animals. They want to be out there jumping, rolling, running and playing outdoors. They need to interact with different people and other dogs and spend time outside the home for their healthy minds and body. Dog daycare in Novato offers excellent opportunities for your dog to socialize in the best manner. Dog daycare centers enable it to meet and play with dogs and people in a secure vicinity.

Dog daycare facilities are great places for your dog to explore and learn many life lessons. When your pet meets other dogs and sees how they behave, they can learn a lot. This interaction and socialization are one of the top reasons your dog should attend daycare.

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