What Really Happens At Dog Daycare?

If you hate leaving your furry friend alone,consider dropping them off at a dog daycare in Novato before leaving for work or traveling. Dog parents can have several questions when dropping their furry friends at local dog daycares for the first time.

If you plan to drop your dog at a dog daycare or kennel for the first time and do not know what to expect, you have come to the right place. Here is what happens at a typical dog daycare in Novato.


Without proper socialization, a dog may develop behavioral problems. There are many benefits to dog socialization. Socialized dogs grow up to become friendly, confident, and are less likely to develop a fear of vet visits. They make the best travel companions and are less likely to become anxious in new situations.

Dogs are pack animals. Your dog needs to interact with other dogs. Dog daycare provides an excellent environment for dogs to socialize and interact with each other. Your dog will learn new skills by watching and interacting with other dogs.

Dog boarding facilities have a play area where dogs can run, jump, and play with each other. If dogs play too rough and one of them gets aggressive, the staff will take appropriate action to keep all dogs involved safe(such as removing the aggressive dog from the group).

Climbing is a favorite pastime for many dogs. Many doggy daycares have play equipment that dogs can climb on, under, or through. Some daycare facilities even have slides that pups can slide down.

Many dog boarding facilities have dog walking programs and ball throw programs(a handler will throw a ball, and your furry friend will be encouraged to fetch)


Many doggy daycare facilities have grooming stations where their staff groom the pups. A grooming station usually includes a couple of baths. This helps remove even the hidden dirt trapped in a dog’s undercoat.

If your pooch has an oily coat or loves to roll around in the dirt, it may need additional baths or a special shampoo. Long nails can be uncomfortable and painful for a dog. During a grooming session, grooming experts will trim your pooch’s nails. A groomer will wipe dirt and debris out of your furry friend’s ears to prevent foul odors and infections.

Long hair on the feet and inside of a dog’s pad can collect dirt, dust, and debris. A trained groomer will thoroughly clean these areas to prevent acute hair matting (which can be extremely painful).

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