10 Warning Signs You Should Take Your Dog to the Vet

Dogs often display signs and symptoms of ill-health. Some of these symptoms could be signs of a more serious health issue, so you should not brush them aside. Here are a few warning signs that you should be well aware of. If your dog exhibits these signs, you should immediately rush to your vet.

  1. Vomiting and Diarrhea

Many times, dogs vomit and have diarrhea, but return to normal without any changes in their behavior or health. However, if the vomiting and diarrhea are persistent you should seek veterinary attention at once to ensure your dog does not succumb to dehydration.

  1. Lumps and Bumps

Lumps can occur due to bruises, parasites, abscess, cancer or insect bites. If you find unusual lumps on your dog, it is best to visit a vet to get them checked out. The lump could be one of the aforementioned causes and your vet will be able to ascertain this after tests and examination. After which they will be able to appropriately treat the cause.

  1. Limping

A dog can limp due to a hurt bone, joint or muscle. A quick visit to the vet will allow you to figure out the cause of the limp and ensure treatment for the pain that your dog must be experiencing. Remember, limping can also occur due to arthritis, fracture, spinal issues, bone tumors, and rupture of the cruciate ligament. Your vet is the best person to figure out the reason for the limp.

  1. Bad Breath

Dog owners often complain that their pet has bad breath. You should not ignore this, as bad breath is a sign of dental disease that occurs due to tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth. Bad breath can also be a sign of advanced kidney disease or ketoacidosis.

  1. Coughing

One of the most common reasons for coughing among pets is kennel cough, and that is why you should thoroughly investigate your nearby dog boarding kennels before finalizing a kennel. Other causes for a cough include heart disease, heartworm disease, asthma, lung disease, and breed-related respiratory tract disorders.

  1. Changes in Appetite and Drinking of Water

If you notice changes in the amount of food or water your pet consumes, take them to the vet. It could be a sign of a systemic disease.

  1. Changes in Urine and Bowel Movements

Changes in the color of urine or feces or blood in the urine or feces is something to worry about. It could be stemming from kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, bladder stones, urinary tract infections, IBD, diabetes mellitus or even behavioral issues.

  1. Problems in the Eyes and Ears

Red, swollen or watery eyes require urgent veterinary attention. The same holds true if your pet has unusual discharge, redness in the ears, and unpleasant odor. Problems with the eyes and ears often indicate infections that should be taken care of promptly.

  1. Skin Irritation

Skin irritation and itching mean an infection or allergy. It can occur due to fleas, insect bites, bacterial or yeast infection, and contact allergies.

  1. Change in Activity Levels

If you find that your pet is suddenly lethargic, it could be due to a systemic disease, fever, pain in the joints or a neurological problem. It is advisable to take your dog to the vet for a thorough checkup to find out the underlying reason for the change.

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