6 Tips for Flea and Tick Prevention

As a responsible dog owner, you should do everything to ensure your canine companion is healthy. If you are planning to go on a vacation, you are likely thinking about finding “dog boarding near me, and one of the things you need to be careful about is fleas and ticks. These parasites can cause a variety of health issues, including skin infections and Lyme disease.

Here are some tips for flea and tick prevention that you can use at any time, be it when you are putting your pooch in a dog boarding or you are letting them run free in the yard.

  1. Always Use veterinarian-approved Preparations

Make sure you opt for veterinarian-approved products that you can buy from the store for flea and tick prevention. So, consult your vet to find out which is the best product to keep your canine friend safe from these pesky pests.

  1. Always Use the Right Preparation

Make sure you check the label carefully, and use the right product. Never use a cat flea and tick prevention medication for your dog. It can have an adverse effect, leading to skin issues and more.

  1. Manually Check for Ticks and Fleas

After taking your dog for a walk in the woods or the park, inspect your dog to see if they have picked up ticks and fleas during their walk. Check between the toes, around the eyes, ears (inside and outside), under the tail, and on the lips,.

  1. Remove Ticks Quickly to Prevent Secondary Illness

If you see a tick, remove it quickly as this will reduce the chances of your dog contracting a secondary illness. Learn the right method to remove a tick using fine tweezers. If you don’t have any, we suggest investing in them.

  1. Keep Grass Short

Make sure you mow your lawn often to keep ticks at bay. If you reside in an area where ticks are common, avoid taking your dog on grassy areas. This will ensure your pooch does not pick up ticks.

  1. Treat the Dog and the Surroundings

It is not enough to treat the dogs for fleas and ticks. You also have to treat the surroundings where the dog lives and plays. So, be sure to clean their bedding and thoroughly vacuum the carpets and sofas.


Use these six tips to prevent your beloved four-legged family member from ticks and fleas. If you are looking for the right nearby dog boarding to keep your pet in a safe and healthy environment, Bridewell Hilltop is the right choice for you. Call us today at 415-897-5471 to check our pricing and packages or tour our facility.

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