3 Things to Expect When Picking Up Your Dog From Boarding

Pet boarding is an excellent option for busy pet parents who hate leaving their furry friends home alone. Bridewell Hilltop Kennels is a boarding kennel in San Rafael that provide physical and mental stimulation for its guests. They have a dedicated recreational area where dogs can play, run around and be themselves.

To help you prepare for your pet’s return home, we have compiled a list of a few things you can expect when you pick it up from the boarding facility.

Increased Appetite

After returning home from a boarding facility, many dogs act like they haven’t eaten for days. The peculiar behavior leads pet parents to assume that their furry friend was hungry during their stay. Of course, the pet boarding staff fed your pet during their dinner breaks. So why is your canine friend still hungry, you ask?

Many dogs get anxious in the new environment when their pet parents board them for the first time and, like many humans, may eat less. Once they return to their home and the environment where they feel comfortable, they may binge eat. Usually, a dog’s appetite returns to normal once it adjusts to the new environment of the pet boarding facility.

Another reason your pet may appear to have a larger appetite is that they remained engaged and had a long day of fun and play. Your pet may be a bit more hungry after exerting energy all day at the pet boarding kennel.

Loose Bowel Movements 

During the first few days, it’s normal for dogs to get overexcited when they return to their home from pet boarding. Over-excitement in dogs can lead to a condition known as colitis. Colitis is caused by inflammation of the colon or large intestine. The most common sign of colitis is diarrhea. Usually, the condition goes away by itself. If your pet’s condition does not improve after a few days, consult your vet.

Lethargy or Sleepiness

Dog boarding facilities conduct several mentally and physically stimulating activities to keep their guests engaged. Dogs are encouraged to run and play with each other and the facility staff during playtime. Don’t worry if your pet looks exhausted after you pick it up from boarding.

A dog that comes home tired from boarding has had a great time and needs to relax to recharge its batteries. A tired dog is a happy dog.

Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels & Cattery is a renowned pet boarding facility in San Rafael. We pamper our guests, making them feel special and happy burning their stay. To speak with one of our animal care experts, or schedule a facility tour, call (415) 897-5471.

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