What Are Dog Hotels, Kennels, Boarding, and Sitters

If you are looking for the best solution for your pet to stay while you’re away, check out the difference between care facilities. With the various names and operations, we have compiled the differences between dog hotels, kennels, sitters, and boarding facilities.

Dog Hotels

As the name implies, a dog hotel is a hotel for dogs. It is a dog boarding service that provides care for dogs while their human parents are either out of town or temporarily unable to care for them.

The services and accommodation offered by dog hotels can vary depending on price. Many dog hotels allow pet parents to choose from a range of premium services such as additional playtime with a staff member, dog walking, and dog grooming.

Dog Kennels

A kennel is a small house-like structure enclosed with metal bars, wire mesh, or plastic. A dog kennel business can be a huge operation with several dog runs, training halls, and grooming stations, or a small operation in a spare bedroom.

Many kennels offer dog training services in addition to boarding. They allow pet parents to bring their dog’s favorite toy, blanket, or snacks.

Dog Sitters

A dog sitter takes care of dogs at their own homes while their parents are away. The service is usually used by dog owners who are not well-socialized or haven’t been vaccinated. Specialized training is generally not required for dog sitting.

Dog Sitters can work in a variety of ways. Some come to your home to check on your pet or give them a walk during the day. Others take your pet to stay with them in their home while you are away. Depending on your pet’s needs, a pet sitter can drop by or pick up your pet while you are away.

Dog Boarding Facilities  

Dog boarding facilities combine the benefits of dog kennels and dog hotels. A dog boarding facility in San Rafael employs pet sitters who give individual attention to all their guests. Dog boarding facilities have a vast recreational area where dogs can run around and play with each other. They employ vets and animal behaviorists who supervise dog play.

Many dog boarding facilities have dog spas and dog grooming stations where pet grooming experts give dogs relaxing baths and massages. A reputable dog boarding facility goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of its guests. After playtime, dogs relax and recharge their batteries in spacious, airy enclosures.

Dog boarding facilities are equipped to handle dog emergencies. If your dog is on a special diet or has any other special needs, you can count on the facility staff to ensure your feeding-related and other instructions are followed.

Why Boarding Your Dog is the Best Option

Some benefits include the following:

  • Personalized attention
  • Boarding facilities only accept dogs that are up to date on their vaccinations
  • Boarding facilities offer a wide variety of services
  • Dog boarding facilities are better equipped to handle pet emergencies than kennels and dog hotels

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