5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Puppy This Summer

While the consistently warm weather may bring a smile to many sun seekers, it can sadly be fatal for dogs. When the mercury begins to rise, warnings are issued to pet owners to take care of their pets, and protect them from heat strokes! Thankfully, there are a few tips from pet sitting experts in Novato that you can use to keep your four-legged buddy safe this summer.

Walk your pooch during the cooler parts of the day – Try and avoid walking your dog during peak temperatures. It is a better idea to take them out for walk either early in the morning or late evening when it is cooler outside. You may also consider walking your dog in a park where there is more shade which will, in turn, protect your dog from direct sun exposure.

Add ice cubes to your dog’s bowl During summer, it is important to ensure your dog has access to fresh water. You could add a few cubes of ice to your dog’s bowl to keep the water cool for longer. Ice cubes also make rather appetizing treats that your dog will appreciate. You may also give your dog an occasional treat of pet-friendly ice pops that boost hydration. 

Use pet safe sun cream – Hairless breeds can be more susceptible to sunburns. You can protect the skin of your dog by applying a coat of a pet-friendly sun cream on parts that are exposed to the sun. If you prefer not to apply the lotion to the entire body, be sure to treat the nose and tips of their ears.

Take care of your dog’s paws – Check your dog’s paws from time to time as pavements can become hot during summer, and burn its paw pads. Try and exercise your dog on shaded routes or on grass if it is too hot to walk them on the pavement.

Never leave your dog alone in a car – Temperatures in cars can rise extremely quickly, even when you park your car in the shade, and leave the windows open. Leaving your dog in a car during the peak of summer can cause your dog to dehydrate or worse, develop a heatstroke that could be fatal. If you really must travel long distances with your dog during summer, be sure to stop for water breaks as frequently as you can to ensure they are hydrated.

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