Dog Owners And Dog Daycares, Take Notice – The Top Six Diseases You Need To Watch For In Dogs!

As a dog owner, your four-legged family member is an integral part of your family. Hence, you should be aware of the major diseases that your canine can get. That way, you will be prepared if you notice the initial signs and symptoms of these diseases. According to a reputable dog boarding in San Rafael, here are the six major diseases that dogs can get:

  1. Skin allergies
  2. Ear infections
  3. Upset stomachs
  4. UTIs or urinary tract infections
  5. Pyoderma (skin disease with pus)
  6. Benign tumors

It is essential to note that your pooch will likely get at least one of these diseases during their lifetime. Usually, puppies are more likely to suffer from an upset tummy as they chew and eat just about anything they can get. On the other hand, diseases like pyoderma, ear infections, and skin allergies can occur in all dogs regardless of their age. Veterinarians state that older dogs are more likely to be diagnosed with tumors and skin diseases. 

What Can Dog Owners Do?

While it is tough to prevent any dog from contracting an infection or disease, there are ways to minimize the effects that these six major diseases can have on your dog. The key is to spot the issue early, and ensure your dog gets timely and effective treatment.

The best way to recognize the symptoms of these six diseases is to spend time with your pooch. Make time on a daily basis to play with and check your dog. That way, you will be able to spot infections and other symptoms early on. When you catch the disease at an early stage, treatment begins quickly, and, as a result, the disease does not take a major toll on your pet.

If you intend to put your dog in a daycare or dog boarding in San Rafael, find out the process that the daycare uses to check the dogs for infections and diseases. A reputable and quality dog daycare will have a dedicated person to check all the dogs on a daily basis for fleas, infections, lumps or any other issues.

 Responsibilities of Dog Daycare Centers

If you are fond of dogs, running a dog boarding in San Rafael can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. At the same time, you need to be vigilant. If you notice that a dog is sick, immediately separate it from the other pets, and inform the owner.

By separating and isolating the dog, you are minimizing the chances of the infection spreading to other dogs. Make sure that you call in the vet to check and treat the dog. Also, let the vet check other dogs in your care. That way, you can rest assured knowing that other dogs are healthy while the ailing dog can recuperate and heal without having the rest of the pack hounding it.

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