Get Your Puppy to Sleep! Everything You Need to Know About Your Puppy’s Sleep

Just like you, your furry friend needs good sleep. Sleep is essential to a puppy’s health. It supports healthy growth of different essential body systems including the central nervous system, immune system, and muscular system. Sleep-deprived dogs can develop behavioral problems as stress hormones build up.

As a pet boarding facility in San Rafael, we specialize in making your pets comfortable and soundly sleeping at night. Read on to learn more about the tricks of the trade to keep your puppy sleeping through the night.

How Much Sleep Does a Dog Need?

Most adult dogs sleep 8-13.5 hours a day. Puppies need more sleep than adult dogs as their bodies and brains are developing. Puppies up to three months of age sleep 20 hours a day.

As puppies grow, the amount of time they spend each day sleeping declines. Older puppies (16 weeks old) need 11-14 hours of sleep a day. By the time a puppy turns one year old, it settles into the sleep routine of an adult dog.

What Time Should a Pup Go to bed?

There is not an exact time that a puppy should go to bed. Given the fact that dogs thrive on routine, it is more important that you establish a sleep schedule with your pup and stick to it. By giving your puppy a routine bedtime, you set them up for better sleep and overall better health.

You might not want to put your pooch to bed too early, as it may wake up at night and want to go to the bathroom. For this reason, put your furry friend to sleep just before you retire for the night.

Should You Scold a Dog If It Refuses to Sleep?

If your pooch refuses to go to bed, do not scold it; this will only make matters worse. Set up a routine. Tire your pooch out by giving it plenty of exercise. Create a peaceful sleeping environment for your furry friend. Soft music or a relaxing sound such as the sound of a clock ticking or white noise from a radio can calm its senses, helping it sleep.

At our pet boarding facilities one of our policies is to ensure each guest is comfortable during their stay, by providing a blanket and a water bowl. Make sure your puppy feels welcome in their bed space by creating a place where they feel comfortable and safe.

Do Puppies Dream?

Like humans, dogs dream and have nightmares. Like you, your puppy experiences two types of sleep – rapid eye movement sleep or REM and non-REM sleep. Usually, when a puppy enters REM sleep, they have vivid dreams. They start twitching, their eyelids start rapidly moving, and they start whining and breathing rapidly.

If your furry friend is having a nightmare, do not try to wake it up as it may get aggressive and attack you out of fear. If your pooch has recurring nightmares, consult a vet.

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