How to Move with a Dog

Moving is stressful-not just for us humans, it’s tough on our furry friends too. Some dogs can get stressed and anxious when moving from one place to another. Dogs are naturally territorial. They can get sick and stop eating when removed from their familiar environment into a new and unknown one.

As a reputable boarding kennel in Marin County, we know how important it is that your dog feels comfy, relaxed, and at home. If you are planning to move with your furry friend, follow these steps to make the experience as stress free as possible for them.

Before Moving Day

Try these steps before moving day to prepare your dog for moving into a new environment.

Get Back to Training Basics

Make sure your furry friend remembers basic obedience commands such as come, sit, heal, and stay. From there, move on to more advanced skills. Use training activities to explain to your furry friend when it should give its attention to you and when it should settle down.

Show it Boxes and Tapes

Many dog owners try to hide packing materials such as moving boxes and tape to avoid raising suspicion and prevent their dogs from freaking out. This is a flawed approach. Instead, try to get your dog used to the sights and sounds they will be exposed to during moving day.

Assemble packing boxes in front of your pooch. If your dog does not like the sound of packing tape, start by using it at a distance and then slowly move closer.

Introduce the Crate

If your pooch will be traveling in a crate, introduce it beforehand. As your dog explores the crate and spends time in it, it will get used to the environment.

On Moving Day

Here are some tips to follow on moving day

Reduce Food Intake

Like humans, dogs can experience motion sickness. On moving day, reduce your pooch’s food intake to around two-thirds. Since motion sickness can last for days, keep your pooch’s serving sizes small for a few days after you arrive at your new home. Feed your furry friend easily digestible grains and veggies.

Stay Calm

Maintaining your cool during a move is a great way to manage and reduce your and your dog’s stress during a move. If you get stressed, your pooch can feel your emotions and reflect them. Maintain your composure. If you feel that you are becoming too overwhelmed, excuse yourself from the presence of your dog or take a minute to compose yourself.

Hire a Pet Boarding Service

The best way to ensure a stress-free move for both you and you dog is to send them to a boarding kennel in Marin County for the day. While you are busy with all the difficult tasks of moving, send your pup for the day, or overnight, where you know they will get the care they deserve. By taking the care of your pet off the list, you will be able to focus your effort on moving house, while your dog plays with our staff and other guests.

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