Tips to Decide if a Boarding Facility is Right for Your Pet

Going on a vacation? Instead of leaving your dog home alone, drop them off at a Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, a boarding kennel in San Rafael.  We are a reputable dog boarding facility that provides pets with the ultimate home away from home.

Your pooch deserves the best. Before you go ahead and book a slot, make sure the boarding kennel you are considering is right for your pet. Here are some of our tips when choosing where to board your pet.

Visit the boarding kennel you are considering with your furry friend. Notice how they react to the sights and smells while walking around the facility and meeting the staff. If your furry friend seems scared or aggressive when an employee tries to approach it, you might want to consider visiting a few other boarding facilities to find one that they are most comfortable at.

Some questions to ask when you visit a boarding kennel

  • Are dogs and cats housed separately or in the same area
  • How often are dogs let out for exercise?
  • What is the size of the average crate?
  • Will an expert administer my dog’s medication?
  • Is there a vet on site?
  • Do dogs have their own suite or are housed in crates?
  • How many dogs does one person care for?
  • Can I bring my dog’s favorite treats, toys, and foods?
  • Is the facility clean and spacious?
  • Is the staff courteous and knowledgeable?

When visiting the facilities, take note on how the staff treats you, and the resident dogs they are caring for. This visit can be a great insight on how they will treat your pup if they were to stay.

During your visit to a dog boarding facility, be sure to check the kennels for cleanliness. See if there is enough space for your furry friend to stand at full height, lie down, stretch, turn around and walk freely.

Ask about the staying conditions. Ask the staff if your dog will always have a relief station available to them, an area with no other people or other dogs. Ask if the suits or kennels are temperature controlled to be cooled in the summer and heated in the winter to ensure your pet has a comfortable stay.

The boarding facility you are considering should have an indoor and outdoor play area where dogs can interact with each other and the staff.

Many dogs do not feel comfortable in a kennel environment. Find out if the dog boarding facility has a process in place to identify and treat kennel stress.

Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels  is a top-rated dog boarding facility in San Rafael. We are avid dog lovers. Our staff does not let any opportunity to show love to our guests pass them by. Stop by our facilities to see if we are the best fit for your pet’s stay today. To learn more, call (415) 897-5471.

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