Prepare Your Dog for Your Return to Work

While working from home is a big adjustment for many people, their pets are not complaining. In fact, they are elated. They are getting more attention, play sessions are more fun and longer and they are walked multiple times in a day.

As the world begins to reopen, so are workplaces. Is your dog prepared to return back to their pre-pandemic lifestyle?

You cannot suddenly leave your dog home alone for several hours one day and expect it to behave normally. The sudden change in its routine can cause behavioral problems. Your furry friend may get anxious and behave destructively to release its anxiety.

 As a pet boarding facility in San Rafael, Bridewell Hilltop Kennels know that your dog requires a lot of attention thorough the day. Here are some ways to prepare your dog for your return to work.

Start Leaving Them Alone a Little at a Time

As work from home mandates were enforced, many pet owners started spending more time with their furry friends. Has your furry friend become accustomed to your work from home routine?

If you start leaving your dog home alone for several hours suddenly, it may get anxious or depressed and act out. Instead, take one step at a time. Start leaving your pooch home alone for a short period of time every day. Go out alone for a short 10-minute walk and gradually increase your time spent away from your pet. This will allow your pet to accept and adjust to periods without you in the home during the day.

Feed Them Away from You

Feed your dog in another room. This will help it associate delicious food with your absence, reinforcing the idea that your absence could mean a pleasurable experience for them. This is a great way to prepare your dog emotionally and mentally to be home alone.

Reset Its Walking Schedule

To give your furry friend an idea of what to expect once you both return to your pre-pandemic lifestyle, reset their walking schedule. Start walking your dog before you would be leaving for work in the morning, and then again in the evening when you would be getting back home from work.

Give Your Dog Enrichment in Another Room

Before leaving for work, give your pooch puzzles toys with treats to work on while you are away. This simple exercise will help them get used to you not being around and occupy their mind from the fact that you are away. Your pet will start believing that it can still have fun in your absence.

Reward Calm Behavior

Dogs typically receive a treat when they perform a trick, or act in a favored behavior. Add calm sitting and laying down to your list of rewarded behaviors. Reward your dog with treats when they are calm, to reinforces this as a good behavior and teach them the action you are asking for as you begin to leave for work.

If you feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone, drop them off at Bridewell Hilltop Boarding Kennels on your way to the office. We are a leading pet boarding in San Rafael. At Bridewell Hilltop Kennels, we ensure that all our guests get the attention they so deserve, even while you are away. To learn more, call (415) 897-5471.

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