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Pet Grooming Tips for Beginners

To keep your pet healthy and happy, it is important to groom your dog regularly. Grooming is more than just bathing your pet and brushing its coat. To groom your pet properly, you need to have the essential equipment and follow a routine to make sure that you cover all the steps every time it is your pet’s grooming time. Novato pet grooming professionals, such as Bridewell Hilltop, have a few valuable grooming tips for beginners to ensure that their pets are always well groomed. Tips for Pet Grooming Beginners Here is a look at a few tips for Novato pet grooming beginners to help ensure that they groom their pets well: Get the Right Supplies: No matter what breed you have, there are a few basic supplies that you must have. Make sure that you have a comb – fine-toothed combs for dogs with thin hair and wide-toothed ones...
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